How to Clean Your Marijuana Grinder

By Robert Bergman,

imageIf you have recently decided to invest in the new weed grinder of your dreams, chances are you are enjoying using it! We appreciate that there are a lot of weed grinders on the market to choose from, but having made your choice, you will need to ensure that you keep that grinder clean and functioning...

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Richard Branson to cannabis advocates: Fight to legalize it.

Richard Branson

Billionaire and tech entrepreneur tells New West summit attendees marijuana should be decriminalized worldwide.

Renowned billionaire and tech entrepreneur Richard Branson told a room full of cannabis advocates he was simply in the mood to "take a spliff or two," and much of the world is ready to legally take some tokes, too.

"Why not?" the Virgin Group founder asked a crowd of about 1,000 people Saturday during the second annual New West Summit conference, "The Future of Cannabis, Now," in downtown San Francisco.

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MDT inaccurate?

Australia Police

As medical cannabis inches closer to becoming available and accepted as medicine in Australia, the government and police have decided to integrate MDT (mobile drug testing) into their policing and they're advertising on various media platforms, You will be caught!
So why now? is it to coincide with the launch of medical cannabis into the Australian market?
And why target cannabis, wouldn't opiod based products be far more dangerous? Do we have an MDT unit that detects oxycontin?

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The Cannabis Contamination Conundrum

Cannabis Contamination Conundrum

Opiate related deaths have decreased by twenty-five percent in states with operational medicinal cannabis programs. No one has ever died as a direct result from cannabis use but that doesn’t mean that all cannabis is always 100% safe. Cannabis products span several markets, including agricultural/environmental, food safety (especially...

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