Anxious? Paranoid? It’s Probably Not the Weed

Park rangers, scientists and now immigrants have all weathered attacks from America’s new president. Make no mistake: if they’re not after you now, they soon will be. It’s right and proper to be anxious and paranoid in times like these, but at least one culprit for an ill wind bringing you to unease can be ruled out.

By itself,...

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the endocannabinoid system explained by biochemist

"The elucidation of the endocannabinoid system, eCB system, is the greatest discovery in
medicine and biology since Watson and Crick characterized DNA and the double helix over 50
years ago. The eCB system modulates and protects the body in all animals throughout the
animals kingdom except insects from hydra to humans.

Cannabis and cannabinoids safely and effectively augment this naturalhomeostatic system
bringing vast therapeutic opportunities to medicine".


This, "the endocannabinoid system" is the fundamental reason cannabis heals us of many diseases and ailments.

We Need Cannabis Decriminalisation In Australia

Cannabis has been decriminalised in ACT, SA and NT for many years now, time to make the law national in Australia. Cannabis users are not criminals! and cannabis does not create criminals.

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No Money - No Crime - No Way

Fromthe High Times article; following-mexico-s-lead-cartels-in-canada-are-ditching-marijuana-following-legalization

It just doesn’t pay to traffic marijuana anymore—at least not if you’re running a criminal drug-trafficking organization.

Mexican drug cartels abandoning weed by the bale-full on isolated beaches know it, and now criminal gangs in Canada—where, unlike in the U.S., marijuana legalization has a prominent state...

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