Happy Birthday Medicinal Cannabis

It's all happening on Tuesday 1/11/16, Medicinal Cannabis will finally be legal to prescribed, but to who and what will the cost be?
I really don't think the governments heart is behind this movement to legalise medical cannabis, I feel it something that has been forced upon the government through public opinion.
The pharmeceutical comnpanies certainly wouldn't want the hassle of changing their comfortable position in the industry. Suddenly there is a threat to their satus quo, a herb that heals a multitude of illnesses that their synthesised drugs couldn't.

Will Holding Your Hit Longer Get You Higher?

Guy inhaling on bong

One of the most common questions asked by those who are new to cannabis: Does holding my hit longer get me higher? Although some may debate that it does, the science behind smoking makes the answer pretty clear.

So, Does it Get Me Higher?

When consuming cannabis, our lungs quickly absorb its chemical compounds into our bloodstream. These chemicals...

Big Pharma, Alcohol Fund Anti-Legalization Drives

Big Pharma

Who do you think is pouring money into the campaigns against the legalization initiaves that will go before the voters in five states next month?

Well, an Oct. 22 exposé in the Guardian has confirmed what we already knew. 

In August, the pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics became the biggest donor to the...

Cannabis Consumers Have Higher Average GPA than Average for All Students

imageCollege students who consume cannabis on a daily or near-daily basis have a higher average GPA (grade point average) than the average GPA of all students combined. This is according to the new Inhale Labs’ Cannabis in College study.

The study found that the percentage of college students using cannabis on a daily or near-daily (defined as consuming cannabis at...

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